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Artist Statement

Through the use of different mediums I revisit and reinterpret themes of beauty, memory and the female form. Sculpture and photography allow me to explore complex personal states and ideas of self-representation. Printmaking and painting provide a nonlinear and serendipitous element to my work. These mediums provide a background or stage for three dimensional pieces. By using my own body as the subject I present a state of vulnerability. I then alter and combine with found objects and incorporate pattern found in doilies and lace. These pieces present a surreal interpretation of my memories. Offering physical order out of emotional disorder. I create installations and utilize given spaces to recreate my memories of life and its dichotomies. I take the past and appropriate its elements then transform them into my own interpretation of beauty enabling my audience to see past visual aesthetics. "The possible seems true and the truth exists, but it has many faces," Franz Kafka.

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